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CRS International Development Fellows Program 2013-2014

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CRS International Development Fellows Program 2013-2014


Posted by Int. Development Communities on October 11, 2012 at 13:07 in NGO Funding Opportunities and Call for Proposals

Deadline: 12 December 2012


The Catholic Relief Services (CRS) is accepting applications for the 2013-2014 International Development Fellows Program (IDFP). The IDFP gives people who are interested in a career in international relief and development an opportunity to increase their overseas experience and gain exposure to our programs.


Each year, CRS places approximately 25 Fellows with our country programs overseas. Assignments are for one year, starting in late summer. Specific job responsibilities vary greatly from one country to another depending on the country program’s focus (Agriculture, Health, Peacebuilding, Education, Microfinance, or a combination of these).


The goal of the IDFP is to place Fellows in positions where they can draw on their previous education and work experience, while broadening their skills. Many of our fellowships lead to regular positions with Catholic Relief Services.


Eligibility Requirements


Graduate degree in a field relevant to international development.

Professional proficiency in French, Spanish, Arabic, or Portuguese. French preferred.

Must be legally authorized to work in the United States

At least 6 months overseas work or volunteer experience in a developing country OR significant domestic community development experience in addition to time spent overseas.

Strong cross-cultural skills with the ability to adapt to the local culture.

Ability to operate effectively in a stressful, fast changing environment where security could change unexpectedly.

Fluency in English with strong oral and written communication skills and strong analytical skills.

Interest in a career in development or emergency relief with Catholic Relief Services

Commitment to CRS Principles

Desire to work for a faith-based organization.

The deadline to submit applications is 12 December 2012. For more information, visit this link.

call for proposals

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International AIDS Society’s CIPHER Grant Programme


Deadline 26 November 2012


The International AIDS Society has launched the Collaborative Initiative for Paediatric HIV Education and Research (CIPHER) Grant Programme to fund, to a total of US$1 million, research projects that have the potential to contribute to the optimization of diagnosis, prevention, treatment and care of infants, children and adolescents affected by HIV. READ MORE


EEP-S&EA Fifth Call for Proposals in Southern and East Africa


Deadline: Strictly Wednesday, 10th October 2012 at 13h00 South African time.

The Energy and Environment Partnership Programme with Southern and East Africa (EEP-S&EA or EEP, for short) has launched its Fifth Call for Proposals to seek good quality and innovative project proposals that aim to mainstream renewable energy and promote energy efficiency solutions through grant co-financed projects. READ MORE


2013 Flagship Species Fund (FSF) Calling for Proposals for funding


Deadline: Monday 15 October 2012



With renewed support from the UK Department for Environment, the Food Rural Affairs (Defra) has announced that is accepting new proposals for its 2013 Flagship Species Fund (FSF).


Established as a joint initiative between the UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and Fauna & Flora International in 2001, the Flagship Species Fund provides practical support to the conservation of endangered species and their habitats in developing countries. READ MORE


AIDF Launches Unique Asia-Pacific Forum with Strong Humanitarian Sector Support


Aid and International Development Forum (AIDF) is proud to announce its partnership with the RMA Group to launch the inaugural Asia-Pacific event in Bangkok, 30-31st January 2013 to complement the established Washington D.C. event. READ MORE



Gates Foundation’s Request for Letter of Inquiry: Round 3 of the Reinvent the Toilet Challenge


Deadline 8 November 2012


The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has announced a new funding opportunity under its Water, Sanitation & Hygiene program which works with partners wot develop sustainable sanitation services that work for everyone. Under this new funding, the Foundation is seeking Letters of Inquiry (LOI) for the third round of the Reinvent the Toilet Challenge.


The Reinvent the Toilet Challenge is designed to prototype a means of dealing effectively and cost-efficiently with human waste for the 2.5 billion people on earth who currently lack access to safe and affordable sanitation. READ MORE


Call for NORHED seed funding 2012


The Norwegian Programme for Capacity Building in Higher Education and Research for development (NORHED) is a new programme launched by NORAD starting from 2013. NORHED seed funding aims to develop an application for a main NORHED project, within one of the NORHED sub-programmes. READ MORE


Siemens Foundation seeking technical solutions for Development


Deadline 31 December 2012


The Siemens Foundation has announced the ‘empowering people. Award’ – a new worldwide international competition to seek appropriate technical solutions for developmental activities. It aims to directly bring together low tech innovations for basic supply problems in developing countries. It also intends to build up a database of inventions that is accessible to actors in developmental cooperation at a later date. READ MORE


$5000 Award Opportunity from World Bank’s JKP


Deadline: December 15, 2012


The Job Knowledge Platform seeks to find practical solutions for job creation and job opportunities. It aims to:


Share insights and build synergies across different approaches, sectors, and disciplines

Create a community to exchange challenges and solutions

Inform important policy debates READ MORE

Have a great day,

The IDC Team


Visit International Development Communities at:

call for women scholarship application

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Applications for the Global Change Leaders 2013 Program are now open. Application deadline is December 3, 2012. The program will run for seven weeks from March 24 to May 10, 2013.


Please read the Frequently Asked Questions before completing your application. If your question is not answered in our FAQs list, please e-mail your inquiry to [email protected]


You have the option of saving a partially completed form with a login and password that you create, and returning to it later. Your login must be a valid email address, and your password must be at least six characters and contain a number and an upper case letter.


Please note that you will be required to upload a current resume and a personal statement as you complete your online application. You will not be able to submit your application without uploading these documents:


CURRENT RESUME: Include information on certificates, diplomas or degrees granted with names and locations of granting institutions; training you have undertaken; your work experience starting with your current employment/occupation, your role and responsibilities and how long you were in each position. Include relevant volunteer activities, names of organizations, and your role.

PERSONAL STATEMENT: In a personal statement of no more than 500 words, tell us why you think you qualify for the Global Change Leaders program; what you hope to learn from it; and how you plan to use the knowledge that you will gain.

REFERENCE FORM: Your application will not be considered complete until we receive letters of reference from two people. Please download the reference form from the link below and give to your referees or send the link to your referees so they can download the form themselves. Your referees will receive an acknowledgment e-mail from us once we have received their completed reference forms. Please note that completed reference forms must also be received by the application deadline.

call for application

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CIPHER Research Grant for paediatric HIV research

Ulrike Brizay


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Dear Colleague,

The Collaborative Initiative for Paediatric HIV Education and Research (CIPHER) Grant Programme is designed for mentored early-stage investigators to advance paediatric HIV research and to fill critical knowledge gaps related to infants, children and adolescents affected by HIV. Scientific areas of interest include both clinical and operational research. The implementation of the CIPHER Grant Prgramme was made possible through an unrestricted grant from ViiV Healthcare. The content and structure of the programme has been guided by paediatric experts convened by the IAS.

The Call for Letters of Intent is now available on the CIPHER website. Early-stage investigators, who have completed their terminal research degree within the past 10 years and who serve for the first time as primary PI for a non-training research grant, are eligible to apply. Proposals for research projects with the potential to contribute to the optimization of HIV diagnosis, prevention, treatment and care for infants, children and adolescents affected by HIV in resource-limited settings by responding to identified research gaps (see list of eligible research topics) can be submitted by 26 November 2012.

Up to 10 research projects worth up to $75,000 per year for a maximum of two years will be awarded at the 7th IAS Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention (IAS 2013) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from 30 June to 3 July 2013.

In an effort to reach out to international applicants we are asking for your assistance in circulating this information to your networks. With your help, we can reach a maximum number of scientists and support research for the benefit of children affected by HIV. We would like to request your help in the following ways:

• - Please disseminate this message within your professional networks (e.g. newsletters, website).

• - Please inform eligible candidates of the CIPHER grant programme.

Thank you very much for your support in reaching out to potential candidates. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions.

Kindest regards,

CIPHER Research Grant Team

Research Promotion

International AIDS Society

Avenue de France 23 | CH-1202 Geneva | Switzerland

Tel: +41 22 7100 843 | Fax: +41 22 7100 899

Email: [email protected]


List of ACSM Resources

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                                                  ACSM (General)

01. Find TB Resources page. United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website. Available: click here


                                                   Monitoring and Evaluation

02. Evaluating Advocacy and Policy Change page. Innovation Network website. Available: click here

03. 40. Innovation Network, Inc., commissioned by The Atlantic Philanthropies. Pathfinder Advocate Edition: A Practical Guide to Advocacy Evaluation. Available: click here

04. Welcome to The Power of Proof: An Evaluation Primer! Tobacco Technical Assistance Consortium website. Available: click here


                                                      Tuberculosis and TB/HIV

05. Frequently Asked Questions - XDR-TB page. World Health Organization website. 2006. Available: click here

06. World Health Organization. The Stop TB Strategy (one-page summary). Available: click here

IAC ?international AIDS conference

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Pride community health organization recently attended the just ended IAC –international AIDS conference in WashingtonDC  and one of the pre conferenceevents  closing the gap –ending verticaltrans missions of  HIV in children’ it was privileged to have participated in a panel discussion centering at“Placing Comprehensive Sexual and Reproductive Health at the heart of Community PMTCT Responses – sharing  experiences from the field”  ,these enriching events saw delegates from all over the globe share valuable information and experiences.The diverse community positively sort for the way forward in advancing responseand addressing the gaps in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Amendments have be made,practical tools put in place, systems strengthened the remains is to put our best at work and close the gap.

Pride Community Health Organization Success Stories:

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Charity Mutale Mutena


A 43 year old Widow and facilitator

I dealt mostly with very vulnerable women who were easily coerced into multiple concurrent sexual partnerships to survive.CSH project has brought a huge impact in the community where I was facilitating in Estates C7. People have opened up and are now very willing to go for HIV tests at the local clinic. They have also become willing to discuss matters that concern HIV to their peers without fear of being stigmatized or discriminated against. In my groups, I dealt mostly with very vulnerable women who were easily coerced into multiple concurrent sexual partnerships to survive. Through the safe love campaign, these women have resolved to start helping each other through lending of small amounts of money known as “Chilimba”. This system has led to a drop in numbers of vulnerable women going to bars at night to look for men. The women consisting of 50 members and broken down into 5 small groups have begun to contribute K10, 000.00 very week and thus realizing K500, 000.00. These monies are then shared amongst the 5 members each getting K100, 000.00.

The Safe love Campaign has also impacted on my individual life as I have become aware of vital information on the Key three HIV drivers which I never knew. I have enhanced my inter personal skills and hope to reach out to as many people as possible to disseminate information on the three key drivers of HIV.


A teacher at Chim schoolIt’s my hope that one day we shall succeed in creating a generation free for HIV.

Chim is a private school in Shikoswe; Kafue where the safe love campaign community groups has been formed. Mr. kashimoto Mukuka was trained as an advocate and facilitator in Ndola. He is the current patron for the SAFE LOVE/ANTI- AIDS group formed at the school.

He has had a vast experience in HIV facilitation work and has found the safe love campaign very beneficial as it is reaching out to the most vulnerable people with well intended and key issues. Mr. Kashimoto who’s very appreciative and has fully participated in the project has also said that it is challenging to have teachers and adults involved in HIV works at schools as they have shown little or no interest in HIV related issues.

He has observed that there is need to extend the programming in order to deal with other sensitive issues related to HIV/AIDS such as testing and counseling, positive living and individual one on one counseling sessions with learners.

“It’s my hope that one day we shall succeed in creating a generation free of HIV. Let us continue with the project and help our future generations.” These were the touching words that he puts across in his closing remarks. He has been encouraged to live up to is lost passion in HIV work and has tested himself and his partner for HIV ….that’s safe love know your HIV status and your partners and being faithful and sticking to just that one partner echoing the slogan.

Moga Sikombe

Group facilitator/PMTCT Estates clinic volunteer

Today am respected by the community because of the safe love campaign and will continue to be a role model.Am a living testimony say the 46 year old positively living facilitator, Moga Sikombe is a single mother of three whose husband died in 1999 from HIV related illness.Before she started out as a facilitator for the safe love campaign, she says life used to be hard and very challenging; looking back it was hard to get people to respect me or even help me out, but after my engagement with the safe love campaign things have changed for the better.

She is a role model to many in the communities that are HIV positive and openly shares her story as a way of helping out her PMTCT clients from Kafue Estates clinic and her club members. She has changed her life style and that of her children, especially that of her daughter Joyce who used to have multiple concurrent partnerships after being forced to join one of the youth club and several teachings from her mother she has now shown signs of remorse and change towards her behaviour; she mentions with a smile.

Community members now respect me and come through for advice, posters and information which I appreciate I had gained by being a part of the safe love campaign and other voluntary works.

She tested HIV positive in 2000 and started taking her medication in 2003. Through her engagement in the safe love campaign she has improved her work service delivery at the clinic and contributed to the increased uptake of VCT and PMTCT from her community at the local clinic where she works as a volunteer. Today, together with other community members they have planned fund- raising activities to help them build an information center to sustainably continue what was inspired in them by the safe love campaign….as an HIV free generation is one that is envisioned by this community now.


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Pride Community HealthOrganization has successfully implemented the first phase of the safe lovecampaign with positive results in the various communities of Kafue district.Kafue district has one of the highestHIV prevalence rates (19.2%, ZDHS 2007)in our country and women are the most vulnerable and the district has a lot ofgender based violence as evidenced by rising police reports at the victim support unit. This may be due to gender economic inequality and women findthemselves being victims and are forced not to disclose status when they havetested HIV positive at PMTCT clinics. The HIV/AIDS awareness is high in ourdistrict, but sadly high risk behaviour patterns are on the increase that isresulting in new HIV infections.  Also the incidence rate of STIs has risen to 15/1000 in 2010 from 11/1000 in 2007 at the Kafue Estates Clinic, but it is widely believed that most of the STIs casesare not reported.


Pridehad proposed to implement HIV actionable evidenced based prevention communication interventions that would address local key HIV drivers that breedrisky pattern behaviours in the communities of Kafue District in a six monthperiod with a target of 2250 people to be reached in the community and local schools. Pride has managed to reach out to over 9548 people, young and oldduring this phase of the campaign through one on one talks, formation of clubsin communities and schools, focus discussion on PMTCT sites, VCT centre and youth friendly Conner in addition to sensitization in public places as well asduring events commemoration.

The campaign hasseen the community actively being engaged in comprehensive condom distributions/ IEC materials and over 4000 condoms recorded to have been distribution. The campaign has positively contributed to the increase in VCT uptakes and PMTCT interventions.



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