Pride Community Health Organization



Pride Community Health Organization was founded in December, 2003 as a Support Group of People Living with HIV/AIDS in a peri urban set up in the locality of Shikoswe Site and Service in the district of Kafue, some 45 kilometers south of Lusaka, the Capital City of Zambia. Initially we were about 50 families and we were known by the name of Pride Community Health Club that had been brought together by the then Christian Children`s Fund now known as Child Fund Zambia through the Neighborhood Health Committee. Most of us were very sick at that time and had tuberculosis. We had been stigmatized for a long time and we needed a safe space to interact. Our transformation has been remarkable with the assistance of stakeholders such as the Egmont Trust, Kafue District Aids Taskforce; the Network of Zambian People living with HIV/AIDS, the Support to the HIV/AIDS Response in Zambia (SHARe project), Southern African Aids Trust (SAT) and Local Capacity Building Program (LPCB project), and our capacity has built in the three pillars of organizational development (Institutional development, solid financial base and delivery of quality service).


In May, 2009 the initiative was registered as a community based organization and we are now is now an emerging nongovernmental organization  with a mission of improving the quality of lives of people infected and affected by HIV and AIDS through the provision of prevention, care and support services. An Executive Board has oversight over the organization and is responsible for policy formulation. The Organization is registered with the Registrar of Societies of the Republic of Zambia under the Societies Rules (Section 7(2) of Societies Act Cap 119) of the Laws of Zambia at registration number ROS/102/80/221 issued in Lusaka, Zambia.

                                                  Our Vision

“Pride Community Health Organization envisions communities that will be empowered, able to make informed decisions, lifestyle choices and effectively prevent and/or manage HIV infections ”

                                                                                         Our mission

“To improve the quality of lives of people infected and affected by HIV and AIDS through the provision of prevention, care and support services”


                                                                Our core values


o       Integrity – We value truthfulness, fairness, honesty and transparency in our internal and external relationships, communication and transactions.

o       Excellence – We are committed to professionalism and timeliness, and seek credibility in all that we do.

o       Collaboration – We respect the collective wisdom that emerges when individuals and stakeholders work as a team.

o     Innovation –We appreciate and support innovation. We encourage informed risk taking that holds the promise of enhancing organizational learning




  • ·        Provision of HIV and AIDS Care and Support Services to infected and affected communities including marginalized groups
  • ·         Provision of Behavioural Change Communication
  • ·         Provision of Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights of Young People
  • ·         Development of Basic and Operational Health Research
  • ·         Gender and Economic Empowerment of Vulnerable Communities
  • ·         Integration of HIV and AIDS with Environmental Issues


                                                   Services Provided 

Prevention,Care and Support:

  • Sexual reproductive health and right education
  • T.B DOTS support 
  • Care and support to children affected by AIDS
  • ART adherence monitoring support
  • PMTCT outreach program
  • static and mobile VCT services
  • behavior change communication

Business Development Services:

poultry and hammer mill

We have for the past ten years engaged in income generation activities. the project first ventured  tie and dyes, then tailoring and crafts but faced a number of challenges as the IGAs were non viable and lucked proper financing systems. In 2005 the project received funds for its poultry and hammer mill project the project experienced backs before it become fully functional after addressing financial gaps this lead to financial planning and control, maximizing profits. With increase in revenues the organization was able to maintain support for its members including the beneficiaries even in absence of donor funding. Prudent financial management has led to the IGA recording manageable debtors.

Pride has now Separated the business from the programmes and  registered the business with Zambia Revenue Authority .



o      Evolving Income Generation Activities into Business Development Service

o      Recipient of 2010  Red Ribbon Award in recognition of our action and leadership at community level deemed exceptional in terms of innovation and sustainability 


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